I probably won't be popular here - it's with dread that I report Facebook is totally reconfiguring and giving us a new look. I detest it already. This will be coming into operation in April, and I'm afraid we have no choice in the matter. It's being foisted on us.

The new look is a Timeline, and thank goodness I've found this wonderful post by AF Design which tells us how to make the transition.

I absolutely hate it already. I had enough difficulty keeping up when one post was under another as with a blog - but now the posts go from one side to the other, and it's a nightmare trying to sort it visually. It looks a cluttered and confusing mess in my opion. I think Facebook has finally lost the plot, and find it astounding that some geek has somehow convinced them this is a good idea.

Of course time will tell, but from my point of view it's a nightmare. Still, at least you have this post to help you through it all.

ADDITION: Saturday 24 March 2012

My dear friend Anne from El Milagro Studio is an avid FB-er, and has sent this wonderful solution: Social Fixer. Just type Social Fixer into your Search box on your FaceBook page to find it, or click my link here to download Social Fixer directly. I use Firefox so I clicked that button, and it installed like a dream. Now everything is readable again! It has great functions like getting rid of that constantly updating little sidebar in the top right-hand corner - just in your peripheral vision, which startles me when it moves. Tons of options, seconds to install, and HIGHLY recommended.

Thanks Anne - your're a life saver!