Here's a nice little project I finished some little while ago. I got a set of Brusho paints (powdered pigment, that you mix yourself with whatever you want: water, acrylic glazes and gels, mix with binder for fabric etc).

They JUST fitted into a little cigar box. So of course I had to decorate it!

I've used a base coat of acrylic, then collaged on scrapbooking paper and some little Pierrot figures from vintage advertising posters.

I finished off with expoxy letters, border peeloffs and a heavy coating of Diamond Glaze throughout to protect everything.

I also decorated inside the box... well, you have to, don't you! And I even did the underneath...
Much fun!


  1. This is amazing too, Susie. It caught my eye because I've been playing with the idea for Pierrot tags for a couple of weeks.
    Loved this.


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