It's with great delight I opened my Stampington Postscript newsletter email - to see that Kate of TheKathrynWheel has been voted for by readers as one of their TOP THREE blogs!

Not only am I totally thrilled for Kate, I can also say I knew her when ... I designed her blog for her! So I can bask in the reflected glory, just a little, lol. Go here to read her post about it all.

Kate Crane - The Kathryn Wheel

Way to go, Kate, and it couldn't happen to a nicer person!

Here are the links for the other two winners: 
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  1. Oo-er, thanks for the shout out :-)) Needless to say I'm absolutely delighted about it all! YEEHAWWW!!!! And surely everyone who visits my blog will get to see the wonderful blog design ;-)

    1. Bless you Kate! Kudos is well deserved, you worked so hard for it - and thanks for the compliment!

  2. Wowww!! You deserve it!! I also look at your blog for inspiration or just to look what great art you've made!!!


  3. Sooooo happy for Kate! And you know she's how I found you, and I love what you've done with my blog, too.


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