I've found myself in dire need of a noticeboard as piles of Post-its just weren't working for me, and neither was my calendar. I needed something to hold notes, easily updated, that I couldn't lose. I've tried a blackboard and a corkboard, and they didn't work for me either. So I decided on a French-style noticeboard - the ones I've seen to buy are very beautiful - and very expensive - so I decided to knock up a rough and ready one on the cheap! And here it is.

Closeup of corner
I used a ready-made cork board (very cheap, from an office supply store, A3 size) and covered this on one side with some batting and a remnant of hessian. I then overlaid this with linen tape in two sizes (left over from bookbinding - I didn't have enough of either one to keep them the same, but I actually think it looks better).

Closeup of staples and hangers.
I folded the fabric over the long sides first, stapled in a couple of places to hold the fabric taut - then folded over the short sides and repeated. Next, I folded over the corners with a few more staples to hold the pleats in place. Finally, I laid the tape on top, folded the edges to the back (more staples) then when I was happy everything was in position, really pulled on the fabric to tighten it (LOTS more staples). The picture hangers were screwed on next.

Next step - add braid round the outer edge to neaten things up.
I had some braid in my stash, so the next step was to neaten the edges. I did this now, rather than after the backing was on, so I could attach my buttons with the back uncovered for poking a needle through, and also to see how the braid looked in relation to my button placement. (I DID think about placement even if it looks rather random!).

Closeup of braid corner
I started the braid at the bottom left-hand edge (as this would be out of my eyeline when hung) and overlapped just a little when all the braid was in place and stuck down with fabric glue. You'd have to look very hard to see the join. And this really has covered up all the staples etc and tied everything together.

The buttons were easy - placed on top of each junction of tape and holes poked through. I then threaded through some linen thread (doubled) and tied off with a knot. No sewing! I on pulled the threads, to give a cushioned look when tightened up against the batting and board.

Fabric glue added to both sides - allow a couple of minutes for it to go tacky before pressing down
I used another piece of scrap fabric - an openweave linen, very coarse. I didn't hem as I didn't have enough - so I used plenty of fabric glue. A layer on the linen and a layer on the hessian, allowed it to go tacky then stuck it down. Once it was dry, I trimmed off the rough edges just a little.

View of the back with the fabric covering all the raw edges and staples
Next step was to hang it up. I marked and nailed one hole and hung on one side, then got the spirit level on top before marking the second hole. It really isn't worth guessing the level and getting it wrong, because if it irritates you NOW, it's nothing to how it's going to irritate you a month or two down the line!

Always use a spirit level before hanging
I used masonry nails (solid brick wall) so I didn't have to dismantle my entire computer area to drill holes. This was a case of 'I need it NOW', so the less messing about the better.

Closeup of the buttons
Here's a closeup of the buttons - I used what I had, from my button jar. The only proviso that everything was in the same colour palette. It's a cream wall, so I didn't want anything too obtrusive.

Et voila! All done.
Pretty neat, huh? Took me around an hour and a half from start to finish, including hanging it up on the wall. It's actually above head height, so you can't even see those nails.

And it WORKS!