Doors open

Here's a set of journal pages I've done (for my Steampunk class last Saturday) which I had a great deal of fun with. They are probably not finished... I'm feeling I need to add some text, but I need to think on it a while. Meantime, here they are so far...

The pages closed, with a Tim Holtz chain and a button as the fastener.
The photo is actually Louis Pasteur, but I think I'll call him Baron Frankenstein...
I made the 'doors' to this spread separately, and laid strips of paper on the outer edges, fastening down with eyelets. The strips were painted, stamped with gesso, overpainted a second time. The pages were stamped with Lumiere paint, then the blank spaces filled in with Twinkling H20 paints in bronze and copper. Very textured, and just a bit of shimmer in the paint.

Warning - do not try this at home! (and open at your peril)
I stamped the phrases (7Gyspies) with gesso, then sanded slightly. The images are copyright-free downloads from the web, which I've printed onto canvas photo paper. Where you see any colour, I've used Distress Ink and a cotton bud.

I definitely need to add captions!
I used industrial tape top and bottom of the central section. You're seeing the left-hand page here (the right side is still folded closed. I've tinted the dress and carpet with Distress Inks, and added Stickles glue at wrists and neck on the woman, to suggest jewellery.

Cousin Igor
Closeup of the right-hand inner page. Again, the photo is printed on canvas paper, and also tinted a little darker on the left (Distress Ink in Black Soot) to partially obscure that chap at the back, so Cousin Igor is the focal point. (I think he definitely looks like an Igor, and has Trainee Henchman written all over him...) The background was a swirl stamp used with gesso, overpainted with Twinkling H20s.

Pages open - a slightly different camera angle

 Now I need to decide whether captions will enhance or spoil the piece, so watch this space, as they say...


  1. wow, this are great pages. i like it!!!!!!
    many greetings

    1. Hi Margit

      Thank you so much! And thanks for leaving a comment. Hugs etc...


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