FEELING GILTY journal page - copyright Susie Jefferson

You'll have to excuse the pun, I couldn't resist!

Closeup of the left page
I've used a huge dandelion head stamp and gesso to create a resist pattern, then oversprayed with Glimmer Mist, Ranger dyes... every spray in the house, almost. Once these dried, I went back in with more stamping using acrylic paints, and finally Indigo Blu Flitter Glue and gilding flakes. Hence the title 'Feeling GILTY' (geddit? yes? trying to be witty here...)

Side view, showing the Feeling Gilty titling - written with a metallic pen and black drop shadowing.

I'm calling it Feeling Gilty (referencing the gold foiling and the gold lettering) and can truthfully say there isn't a colour that I don't like.
Titling written with India ink and a dip pen.

Although I did have a problem with pink at first, as it's been a colour right outside of my comfort zone. Which you'll have noticed I have now got over, lol.

Hope you like it!


  1. HPS!

    And what makes you think that this journal is not special? In fact it is awesome! All right? :o)


  2. This is so rich looking with nice depth of color. The muted background makes the gold really pop. Sending you sunshine from Seattle!

  3. Hi Susie,
    what a gorgeous creation. I've been feeling guilty lately too. Pink Saturday rolls around and I remember that I haven't any pink to share.

    It's been very hot here in the States, that rainy and cold day sound heaven to me. I'll have a cup of tea please.

    Happy weekend.


  4. Hi Susie,

    I don't know if my first comment went thru. So, I'll try again.

    I love your creation, it's beautiful. Journal pages really speak to my heart. I've been feeling guilty too, Saturday rolls around and I remember I haven't any pink to share.

    Your cold and rainy days sounds pretty good to me. It's been quite hot in the States. How about a cup of tea by the fire?


  5. Hi Susie,
    Thank you so much for stopping by and Happy Pink Saturday!
    I love your journal pages, so pretty:) We could certainly use some of your rain here!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Susie, what a delightful journal page; a wonderful creative success out of your comfort zone.

    Cool sounds so nice right now. I guess everything is relative.

    Blessings to you from a very hot and muggy Texas USA,

  7. You are very talented and it definitely shows in your work.

  8. Hi Susie,
    That is pretty creative and I like what you called it too. Glad you stopped by and left your nice comment. Happy Pinks and enjoy your weekend.


  9. Lovely and pink journal cover! I love journals too. Thank you for coming by my blog and for the sweet comment..yeah, I hope you get the steamer, it's fun, easy and quick too.

  10. Hi Susie, I can't believe your weather is so cool. Come on over and visit me. It's hot hot hot here. The past week has been record breaking days every day....105 degrees. It's miserable. Thank goodness with all the company I have right now, everyone just stays in the pool. :) Love your work (and it's pink)

  11. I art journal too and really loved your page - the mists and dyes are so much fun to use! Have you ever considered an art journal page swap? Hope you have a fun Pink Saturday!

  12. Your art journal pages are gorgeous..so rich in color.beautiful

  13. liking a LOT!
    and not feeling 'gilty' just enjoying yours :)
    HaPpY PS!
    [i think you'll enjoy mine too!]

  14. WOW. Your pages are stunning!!. Whimsical, even :). The stamping & gilty work are fabulous. LOVE the subtle colors here. Thanks so much for your sweet comments in my blog :). Hugs.

  15. Just stunning work! I'm so glad I found you, you're full of inspiration for a newly converted are journaler...I'm a new follower now.

  16. Thank you for your comments on my blog.... a good occasion for me to discover yours.
    This page is a pure sweetness for my eyes.
    Carol (lechatquitousse)

  17. Thank you for sharing the process of you art creation. I loved the color and layered effect! I am a sister mixed media artist from PA. Please visit my blog ( :

    1. Hi Sue - I'd be delighted to visit, but can't find a link. Clicking your name takes me to your Google+ page, but no details re your blog!

  18. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments, and to all my new followers! I'm thrilled and honoured!


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