Here are some great tutorials on how to make your own paper flowers, including roses! So whether your style is cottage, shabby chic or grunge, there should be one here for you. I'm definitely going to try them all!

Video copyright Martha Stewart show

This first one is on Martha Stewart, by Cassie Mae Cappel of Mommie Makes Roses - you'll have to click on the link as Martha doesn't allow video embedding (bah! boo!) but does have the written instructions and a template.

Step-by-step coffee filter rose

By sewcrafty1 on YouTube

This is a full 25 minute video showing the same rose - using that template - and showing the process from start to finish (whereas the Martha Stewart clip is only a few minutes). So if you need a full in-depth demo, this is the one for you!

A great paper bag flower

By selectionsbyER on YouTube

I love this one! As well as the crumpled Distress Ink finish, what about stamping with Distress ink and then misting with water, etc? Lots of possibilities here!

Finally, here's one using coffee filters and cupcake cases

This one is by Craftster on YouTube

Again, love this as she's done several different shapes, so the possibilities are endless (any excuse for a cupcake, lol).

Have fun!


  1. Cupcakes have become so yummy because some folks have figured out you put such loveliness all in one little cake. Thanks for passing on the roses tutorials....but now I'm stuck on cupcakes....tee hee, Oma Linda

  2. Thanks Susie! I really love all of the examples you've shown and think I'll try them out with my granddaughter this week!

  3. They look great Susie will have to have a go

  4. Love, love, love the paper flowers! Thanks you so much for sharing. Your blog is fab and so informative! dix---


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