My Olympic Configurations tray
I thought I'd do a Configuration Tray in an Olympic theme - and I think it came out rather well, all things considered.

Closeup showing the muscle man - with weights - and a bust (thought it looks like an award)
You wouldn't believe how hard it's been, trying to find small things to fit the theme... and the tray...

The bunting was a little pack of die cuts, glued to ribbon. The medals are from a toy shop, and I stuck diamante stars in the middle.
The little enamel pieces in the London box are all from a keyring. One of Tim's' Frozen Charlottes' on the left.
Olympic mementos are really thin on the ground, so I compromised with scrapbooking papers, a wrestler doll (as a weightlifter in a power lifting event) and some vintage Guardsmen.

I added bottlecaps (see the medal theme here?)
Full view of the entire piece
 The flags the wrestler is holding are toys - they came with a packet of little plastic soldiers (I had to buy the pack to get the flags). The letters are vintage game pieces, and the date is from a bingo pack, with a big diamante glued over the numbers on one piece to make it a '0'.

In Blade Rubber's shop window
Closeup of the tray in the window

I have to say I really enjoyed doing this one!


  1. Susie..what a wonderful job you did creating your Olympic's configuration box. Well done!
    I guess it must be crazy busy in London right now.

    1. You aren't wrong, lol. It's chaos... but in a good way...

  2. Hello Susie, Your Olympic Tray is fantastic! I wanted to let you know that I mention you and your blog in my current post. If you have time stop by. Joyous Wishes, Linda

    1. Thank you so much - off to visit you right now!

  3. Ooooh lah lah, Susie! Rock on!!! This is such a cool configuration. I love how you've painted the individual compartments differently and all that dimension from the flags, banner, bottle caps, and other inserts. Fantastic!

    1. Thanks Marjie! I really appreciate it! It was a lot of fun, definitely.

  4. Hello Susie,

    Looooooooove it! It looks fabulous in the window. For sure you will end up teaching this workshop!



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