A Very Curious Wedding

I bet you've all noticed I've been missing in action... because there's been TOO MUCH action! I've been so busy it's made my head spin, with a blog makeover just finished, and a private client I've done a massive scrapbooking project for. Simultaneously.

Grab button I designed - two styles, two sizes

The blog makeover was for Michelle of A Very Curious Wedding, which is a mouthwatering wedding blog celebrating the fabulous and the unusual. If I were getting married, I'd definitely be consulting this blog every available minute! There's everything from clothing to cookery, and the most lovely photography...

Here's the BEFORE:

and here's the AFTER:

Michelle particularly wanted me to keep the tree and the green teacup (which took a lot of finding, believe me!)

Circular grab button - if you want one, go here! Choose between two sizes, and the two styles.

I've had such a great time with this - the header, the buttons, the links... I even designed the business card. Michelle was a sweetie to work with, and this was such a wonderful brief: Alice in Wonderland, but with attitude, so more the FEEL of it than a literal interpretation.

This was my first wedding makeover, and I've had a ball! You'll notice the White Rabbit holds a champagne bottle that says 'Drink me'... 

Cheers, everyone!