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I'm finally getting to grips with a video camera! And here's my first attempt. I did try with my Flip camera but the sound was dreadful - it works well but not if you're behind the camera. It didn't seem to pick my voice up, and you need to stay fairly distant as it goes out of focus in closeups. Or that could just be me being a lousy photographer, lol.

Anyway, these are taken with my normal camera which also has a video capability, and is way superior! And I didn't even know it did video pix. I could have saved all that money for the Flip.

I also couldn't get the hang of adding titles via Flip, so here's my own titling using Photoshop (and one of my freebie blog backgrounds) which is here if you'd like to use it.

I'm putting this up for sale on eBay this weekend, so do watch this space if you love it and would like to bid on it. I'll post full details later.


  1. Tht is gorgeous Susie, you are very clever
    Love Dot x


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