LOVE - a Nativity Configuration box

Copyright Susie Jefferson

This Configuration box is a traditional Nativity scene.

I've embellished the actual box very heavily with crackle paste, to give an encrusted effect rather like Royal icing.

I always love Nativity scenes at Christmas, and I've done this one so that the lights shine through the window from the back, lighting up the scene, and it looks as nice from the back as the front, thinking it might be displayed on a window sill. There's a mix of German glass glitter, diamantes, vintage sheet music etc etc - I've loved every minute of making this!

Again, I've used one of my free blog backgrounds as the backdrop for the title cards. Go here if you'd like to use it.

 This is also going up for sale on eBay this weekend - again, I'll give details when I've done the entry.

I hope you like it!


  1. Lovely! Especially illuminated... just fabulous, Susie.


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