Dunno about you, but I'm the world's worst when it comes to New Year Resolutions. Every year for a few years I tried to keep a diary, which pretty much fizzled out in the second week. So I don't do that anymore - and nobody is more surprised than me that I've kept several blogs going for years!

Me - if I lose a couple of stones in weight - wishful thinking or what?

'Corsets' is sheer desperation! These days it's elastane shapewear, but I bet they can't pull you in like a bit of lacing and whalebone, lol
However, this year, yet again, I'm trying to lose weight (especially after Christmas) so I thought you might be amused with a couple of digital collages I created. I'm thinking I'll print these off and put into my journal.


  1. LOL!!!
    I gave up on Resolutions YEARS ago~~they never happened. Like you said, two weeks and gone.
    And I'm all for corsets, especially since the are the rage now~~just push the extra flesh into different areas and PRESTO! Instant figure!
    Actually, I need to make a resolution to BUY a set of scales in this new year..... :-)

    Anne....who LOVES the pics!

    1. Hiya and Happy New Year, angel. I think I could build a mini mountain of started diaries, lol lol lol. Yes, definitely thinking about shape wear, more re control pants to be honest. Don't think I'm up to speed for corsets!

      I've got scales, and happy to say am a lot lighter than this time last year. I'm now 13 st 13 lb (195 lb) which is still way, way overweight - but tons better than the 16 st 2 lb (226 lb) I started off at. I've lost 2 st 2 lb (31 lb)but still a long way to go...

      So glad you like the pix. These are definitely journal fodder! I'll be brave and list my weight loss blog at some point (not just yet, though).

  2. Great collages! I'm always wanting to lose weight!

    1. Thanks so much. And re the weight, after Christmas I think everyone feels the same - and then we all start to panic when we realise it's warm enough to go out without coats or sweaters!

  3. I hear ya, Susie... here we are nearly 2 weeks into the New Year... where did all my good intentions go?


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