Indian Block Print Frames - Colouricious

Here are two picture frames I decorated as samples for Colouricious, using their hand-carved wooden block stamps. The adorable little girl is a bridesmaid, copyright-free from Morguefile.

I've used die-cut white board letters, which I've decorated with little square flat-back glass 'crystals'.

I mounted the letters and the peacocks (the Peacock block is stamped out 3 times on matt black card then cut out) on the top of the frame, so that they can extend over the edges of the photo frame.

I've put the details of how to do the gilding at the end of this post. If you haven't tried this, I highly recommend it. Great fun and a great result (and these can be used on pretty much any surface).

These glorious peacocks use this individually HAND CARVED Peacock stamp
This frame uses a flower block stamp, which I've also stamped several times onto black card, cut out and then formed into rose shapes. I glued these on with silicone glue, cutting the 'stems' freehand from the same matt black card.

Picture frame is a cheapie pine one from Ikea. I painted a coat of matt black acrylic as a base then stamped on top and used gilding flakes. I then overstamped with the flower again, using black acrylic to add extra detail.
I've glued vintage crystals (point backed, from an old broken brooch) into the centres of the flowers for a little extra bling.

Here you can see the flower detail better. 

To do the gilding, I used Indigo Blu's Flitter Glue and Gilding Flakes.

  • Spread the glue onto the piece of foam in the kit using a spatula, just like buttering bread.
  • Work it into the foam and then use it exactly like you would an ink pad. 
  • Stamp onto your chosen surface, sprinkle with the Gilding Flakes, press them down firmly with your fingers. 
  • Brush away the excess then burnish with the Scoochy Foam sponge. 
Magic! And yes, this technique works beautifully with wood blocks. (I also stamped all over the frame for extra detail). 

Hope you like these frames. And maybe they've have given you a few different ideas for using Indian wood block stamps - they aren't just for fabric!