Quickie foot update

Just off for a shower - Him Indoors amused himself highly by using the 'Fragile' parcel tape to wrap the bin bag round my leg to keep the dressings dry. Bless.
This is just a short update to let you know I'm slowly getting back to normal. I've not been posting as I've not just had the foot op (which is doing nicely).

I'm breaking the post here, so anyone not interested in seeing gory details can just skip right over this post. Click the red Read More sign just below ...

Nice neat dressing (the first was bulkier, more interesting, but I forgot my camera for that session. This was after 2 weeks)
The stitches after two weeks - doesn't look too bad at all, does it! They removed two or three neuromas (nobody has atually told me how many, but I know two were planned) plus a little chip of bone. I broke the 3rd and 4th toes several times, walking into kitchen cupboards etc. I'm really clumsy!
The taking out of the stitches. Didn't hurt a bit! The physio did though ....

I've now had my stitches out and am walking around, although using a walking stick for support.) I've also had a really bad attack of flu, with a lingering cough that's gone on for weeks (in spite of antibiotics) followed up with a nice bout of conjuntivitis. Hence I've been staying off the computer as my eyes are so sore. Plus, I couldn't get into my (cramped) computer alcove.They always say things go in threes, so I'm hoping that's used up my quota of nasties for a while.

On a more cheerful note, I do have some upcoming projects to post - I've done a makeover on a little Ikea drawer unit I was just given (thanks Freyja!) which is very simple, but does show what a bit of left-over emulsion and some vintage paper can do.


  1. Oh Susie, I can fully understand the recovery as I had the exact same operation on my left foot. Dropped a log on my foot at camp and broke 2nd and 3rd. And then 2 years later had the operation. I hope you continue to do well. Fantastic that you are up and about with the cane. Wishing you the very best recovery, Oma Linda

    1. Thanks so much, Linda. Toes are a real pain in the derriere (excuse the pun) and so easy to break (I also did it walking into my toolbox when I'd just taken paint covered trainers off, walking 3 feet across the room to put my slippers on). The cane is mainly for support when the leg gets tired (standing in a supermarket queue, for example) and I'm so pleased I don't need a crutch any more. Thanks again for your good wishes.

      Hugs etc..

  2. My goodness Susie, just now catching up on your blogs and all you've been through recently. The foot and toe surgery sounds so painful. I hope you'll be completely healed in a flash.
    Had to giggle with you saying you've shrunken to only 5'7" as I barely make it to 5 feet with my sneakers on lol.
    Thanks for sharing your world with us with so much grace and humor, you often make me think of the beloved Erma Bombeck and her creative writing style.
    Thanks for everything you do, you are loved ;)
    xx Celia

    1. wow,Celia, thank you so much! I had to look up Erma Bombeck as she's not so well known this side of The Pond, lol... and am wildly flattered to even be in the same sentence! Yes, I was a statuesque 5'8" and am now on my way to being positively petite...

  3. G'day Susie
    OMG I have just found you while looking for steam punk bgs for my blog...you are a godess of information Susie...thanks so much for sharing all you know...allot I don't get but I am trying LOL. Hope the foot healed all up...it looks like it was very painful
    Annette In Oz


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