TEMPUS FUGIT Steampunk Clock

The glory of Steampunk! Clocks, watches, cogs, wings, chains, bottles holding mysterious substances...
 Tempus Fugit (time flies).
This is a working clock!
I made a Steampunk clock to show crackle effects etc, for the Steampunk class this Saturday (25th May) I'm teaching at Blade Rubber Stamps.

Closeup showing the crackle detail, the feathers, film strip, chains etc
I've since had had so many enquiries about the clock that I've had to make room in the schedule to give it a class of its own! So if you've seen this, and would like to make it for yourself, I'm now holding a full day class on Sunday 23 June. This will be priced at £40.00 - to include all materials AND the clock! Full details are on the Workshops page and also here on the Blade Rubber website. Phone 020 7831 4123 to book the class.I'm limiting it to strictly 7, so please don't delay if you want to come.

Hope you like it! Wild, huh?


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