SPELLING BEE vintage journal - inside the book

I thought you might like to see inside this journal...

The Spelling Bee journal - vintage covers, with the interior completely gutted so I could add my own mix of papers: sheet music, lined Visitors pages, children's book illustrations etc etc... tutorial on Etsy.


The sheet music is waaaaay too wide, and too long - so I folded up the bottom and folded in the sides to make flip-out pockets.

Close-up of the sheet music page. I folded up at the bottom before stitching the page into the book. I also folded in at the sides.

View from the top, showing the wild assortment of papers.

And another view, showing more of the mix.

I'll scan and post up artwork very shortly.


  1. Hello Susie,

    How are you? This journal is awesome!



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