ZOMBIE - handmade vintage journal sewn over tapes

I just finished stitching my Zombie journal (couldn't resist the cover - you'll be glad to know I cut the page block out in one piece so that I can read it later). So here it is - I thought you'd like to see the finished article.

I've used a combination of sewing over tapes and a Coptic stitch, so this is sewn as solid as a rock, with a rather nice woven braid and variegated red embroidery floss (on purpose, as it's dark reds shading to black, to symbolise blood, lol).

I've cut the page block out of the book, and put in my own mix of new, vintage, plain and printed pages, all mixed up, to add texture and interest. I'll scan pages as I finish them.

As you can see, it's a solid little thing. I haven't pressed the signatures down flat, so they have plenty of bounce at the spine, which will in turn allow for all the 'stuff' I'm going to put in it.