HOW TO REMOVE a blog background, button or blinkie

I've had an email asking for help in removing my freebie blog backgrounds (see my Blogology link under the header if you'd like one). It's very straightforward - just delete the widget! But for those of you who are a little nervous, here's a comprehensive guide...


Go to your Dashboard and click on Layout in the sidebar, as shown.

Particularly when you just start to blog, you see all these freebie backgrounds and blinkies, and want to experiment with them.

Virtually any blog will tell you how to add them: copy the code and paste it into an HTML widget on your blog (it's best to add it down near the footer as this helps the blog to load faster for some reason).

Look for the correct HTML widget - you may have a few, so just keep clicking on them in turn until you find one that looks something like the above. Click on REMOVE - and that's it! You've removed that background.
But a lot of blogs won't tell you how to REMOVE them! It's basically as simple as going into your Dashboard and clocking on Layout, then finding the HTML widget and deleting it. Just keep clicking on the various widgets in turn until you find the right one, then click the Remove button - and that's it! Job done.


Look for the code, then go ahead and click Remove to get rid of the widget.

The code for these looks a little different, but they're still just HTML widgets. Click on each widget when in Layout view until you find the correct one, then click Remove - and it's gone. Don't forget to click on the orange Save Arrangement button if you move things around whilst you're in tidying-up mode.

Alternatively, when looking at your blog, you'll see a tiny hammer&screwdriver icon at the bottom right-hand corner of any widget  - which means you can edit the widget in blog view instead of going via your Dashboard to the Layout view. Again, click on the Remove button to delete that button or blinkie. This is actually the easier way to do it, as you can see exactly what you want to remove without having to hunt for it.


This is a picture widget - looks a little different, but the principle is the same.
Just as simple to remove!

Here's another widget variation. Just as easy to remove!

I've also posted this on my Blogology site and in Computery, so everyone can see it. Hope this helps!

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