PLAYING DRESS-UPs - new dress form

Dress form by IndigoBlu

I finished this dress form last week - then couldn't find the photos on the computer!

I swear these machines like to play little tricks on us and hide things ...
Closeup of skirt detail
I painted the Kraft model with an off white acrylic, then layered cream lace over the top. The skirt is a double layer of black net, with black lace and faux jet droplets layered on top.
 Here's the model in the window of Blade Rubber Stamps, next to the basic Kraft dress form.

Another full view, this time taken from above - and showing the feathers and leaves and 'crystal' finishing off the neck area.

I'm counting myself pretty lucky I found these pix after only a week, as I have a nasty habit of tidying up and put things in that famous 'easy to find later safe place' that we all think we'll remember. I tend to come across things weeks or even months later, usually when looking for something else. A 'senior' moment? Or do we all do this?

My new workshop is on 27 July at Blade Rubber Stamps.


  1. Love it - it turned out darling!!


    1. Thanks Leann! And thanks so much for leaving a comment too. Hugs etc...

  2. Oh my gosh, these are BEAUTIFUL, Susie!!!.. Not too long ago, I made one out of a dishsoap bottle!! Love how it came out, but I have not dressed mine up as pretty as yours is!!!.. For now I'm busy working on turning a walk-in closet into a arts-n-crafts room/studio. It's small, but I LOVE it, so far. I can only afford to do what I want a little at a time; but it's now my own little creative sanctuary of sorts, and I'm kind of excited about that!.. As for senior moments? I've had them ALL MY LIFE, I think!! (0; ((hugs and have a great day!)) ~tina

    1. HI Tina

      Lovely to hear from you, and thanks so much for leaving a comment. Glad all is going well for you, and congratulations on:

      a) having a walk-in closet (I've always wanted one)
      b) turning it into a STUDIO (I'm thrilled for you - sounds wonderful)

      Half the fun is taking your time with these things, letting ideas develop re decoration rather than doing it all in one go. And thanks for the Senior Moments remark - I feel better now, lol

      Big hugs,Susie


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