You can see the vintage carving set (circa 1940s) propping up the leaf stamp, with the handle and one of the blades in the foreground. Plus two of the stamps I carved this afternoon.

I've been busy all day - carving some stamps.

I carved all these as well! With the exception of the orange tree stamp and the pink 'Drama' one, which I did some time ago.

I'd forgotten how much fun this is. I was tidying up (always a waste of time trying to keep all the art gear in some kind of order, but I do try, lol) and finally found my carving tools.

Here's a bird one - it's an old magazine illustration from around 1900, which I photocopied and then transferred to the back of the rubber with a Dove blender pen. I'm pretty pleased as this has taken on a character all its own, and although it's somewhat simplified I have still managed to retain the most important details.
I carved ALL THESE this afternoon - with the right stuff, the tools cut through like a hot knife through butter. I well remember struggling with lino - plus you really need some kind of press to get a good impression. With the modern stamp carving blocks (Blade Rubber stocks the Speedball range) there's no strain on the wrist.

Another view. You don't really need to use an acrylic block but I find I get a better impression, personally, if I use a block as I can get a lot more pressure on the image - and also not wobble. Plus I don't end up covered in ink.

The tools (in the top photo) are a vintage set I found in an old junk shop around 6 years ago, which started me carving again (first time since art college) then I put the set in a safe place - and hadn't seen them for over a year!

Leaf stamp - again, a transferred image from a photocopy.
It's the black toner (the cheaper the photocopy the better) which transfers with a Dove blender pen. This gives a great image which is so easy to carve out.
 I have to say I'm really addicted to these little carvings - somehow, they seem to have so much character. These will definitely be featuring in future journal pages.


  1. How cool is that?! Love that you can create your own stamps p who knew. but I guess now that I know, it makes sense.

    Stay cool!



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