DARK DAYS journal spread

DARK DAYS journal spread
DARK DAYS, another spread in my Spelling Bee journal - this one has a pocket at the side for a tag. The main image (right) is a gel transfer of a magazine image, which I've then drawn and painted back into. The residue was strong enough that I was able to glue it to the left-hand page, so I've got a virtual mirror image. I love 'two-fers', lol.

Detail of pocket - the upper page is actually two pages stuck together for strength, with about a third of the page cut off. I glued lace behind, and torn vintage text behind that as well. Below that is another set of two pages stuck together, and painted (acrylic). I then glued the upper page at top and bottom edges to the one beneath, to form the pocket.
Some days I just want to wear black, and disappear into the background. These are Dark Days, dull grey skies, totally miserable weather, when my hair's a mess and I don't really feel like dressing up (I'm only going to the supermarket or library). So it's on with the Basic Black (Tshirt and trousers). This also necessitates a quick coffee break somewhere nice, with a book (and possibly a Danish pastry or a cup cake). Then I do the shopping, and go home feeling tons better, able to face the world again.

Phrases cut from magazine pages, plus hand lettering in white, outlined in black for emphasis.
The black tag matches the black page. I've hand lettered the phrase, added a strip of torn vintage sheet music and vintage braid on top, plus lace round the collar of the face I drew. I decided to leave the black card showing through, and painted a very thin layer of flesh tone on top to give some definition.

Gel transfer image on a crackle-finish page (base layer of black acrylic, then a layer of PVA glue and a layer of yellow acrylic - I have a tutorial in my Etsy shop). Again, phrases from magazine pages, which I've outlined for a strong contrast, plus my own lettering in white with black outlines.
The right-hand page is the brighter page - when I'm in an 'up' mood: a good night's sleep, the sun is shining and I have money in my pocket for some guilt-free spending. The hair is behaving, the scales say I'm a little lighter, so all is right in my little world, lol. Today I feel 'fierce', as Mally Beauty would say.


  1. I love these pages! powerful stuff.

    I love those concertina journals too.

    1. Thank you so much, Linda - and thanks for leaving a comment, too. Hugs etc...


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