Happy Christmas - downloadable digital card & Christmas Log decoration

Happy Christmas, everyone!

Here's a digital Christmas card I've made from one of my photos of my Christmas Log decoration. Do go ahead and to download and print off, if you feel inclined. Right click to bring up to full size, left click to copy to your computer. Enjoy!

Christmas Log and a couple of prezzies on top of the DVD player.

Closeup of the cute robin in his little hat
Back view of the log
When making a table decoration, the back view of the piece is as important as the front, as it's going to be seen from all angles.

Closeup of the prezzies - fiendishly wrapped, so my husband can't tamper with them before the Big Day. Don't you just love wire-edged ribbon? And it really is worth buying the more expensive quality of wrapping paper: it doesn't rip, and it takes folds beautifully. Having said that, I've noticed an unwanted crease! Rats...