Inkypinkycraft blog makeover for Trace Metcalfe

Inkypinkcraft - my 2nd makeover for Trace

I've just about finished Trace's latest makeover for inkypinkycraft (this is the second one I've done for her) and it's my favourite yet! Very gentle, very graceful...and all done apart from a few tweaks.

My first makeover for Trace

This is my first makeover, much busier - but that was the fashion at the time. Things have now swung to a much cleaner, clearer feel - very much Shabby Chic rather than the Grunge of a year or so ago.

I find it fascinating how our tastes and styles change over time - yes, there's a fashion to blogs just as there is to interior decoration and clothes!

Hope you like - have to say I LOVE it!


  1. Susie, you have worked wonders and I lve love loveit! It is beautiful and just fab! Thanks for all your hardwork, it is gorgeous xx hugs Trace x

    1. So glad you love it - it was a total pleasure to do!


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