Another Vintage Journal

Hi gang: Big apologies, as I haven't posted for AGES... reason being, I'm trying to redecorate the flat and finally get my own art space (which is squeezed into part of the living room) more workable. So there's a lot going on (STILL not finished) which I'll post shortly.

Meantime, I manages to get this journal finished. It's another upcycled, recycled one with original vintage covers and some of the original pages, ledger pages plus new papers, tapes etc etc. I've also used washing tape on the edges of the cover to add a little zap, without covering the original titling.

It's a Ready Reckoner - in Pounds, Shillings and Pence!So it's pre 1968 (when the first decimal coinage was released in the UK).

I've also put in section wraps in a really zingy screen printed 30s style paper, which could be left as is, or used to sandwich pocket pages, tip-ins etc.


This one has been a lot of fun! Hope you like it.


  1. Hi Susie, I'm Alessandra from Italy. Last October I've attended your class "Diorama book card..." at Blade Rubber Stamp. Do you remember me? I think your blog is great! and this Vintage Journal is amazing! I started my own blog, I have to study a lot, because I'd like to personalize the template. See you next time in London! :-) ciao

    1. Hi Alessandra - Yes, indeed I remember you. Hope you had fun and made more dioramas! Thank you so much for the compliment, glad you are enjoying the blog (I really must post more regularly) and I've just taken a look at yours. Love the 'card in a box'. Good luck personalizing the template (check out my Computery blog, link under header) as there may be a few things there which could help. Hope to see you at a class again, soon! Hugs etc, Susie


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