I hope you like the new look - all of a sudden my old background style looked cluttered and old fashioned, so I've installed a completely new custom template, header etc.

I've undergone something of a sea change taste-wise, and instead of rich deep colours, I seem to need light, bright and (shock horror) something a bit more minimal. You realise this might not last long ... I have a strong love affair with the colour red (crimson especially).

It's been quite a hiatus - during which time I've been trying to decide where I go from here - and even whether to carry on blogging at all! Or start a new one, switch to WordPress etc etc etc (still haven't made up my mind about that one...)

I've decided to carry on, but am sticking strictly to what I enjoy doing which is journalling, bookbinding and messing around with blog templates and design.

As there are so many changes in the Blogger template, I'm going to make major changes in the Computery and Blogology blogs, and might just delete them (or link them here, or something). You have been warned...