I've been journalling ...

Spread from the ZOMBIE journal

This is a magazine picture, very much embellished with a lot of crackle, diamante, ink etc, plus hand journalling. Once an ad for perfume or something, she's now a vampire (the theme of the Zombie journal is the Undead).

This is the journal - I used the original covers of this hardback book - chosen purely because of the cover, which I couldn't resist... I gutted the book and added my own papers, sewn over tapes, to construct a blank journal.

I've been working in this bit by bit as the muse takes me (and I see a pic that's perfect to use, etc).

This seems to be very timely, as we've just had Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, and now 'Pride + Prejudice + Zombies' has just been released. I've been working on this journal for around 18 months on and off, so I was ahead of my time, lol.