I'm fairly new to the world of planners, and already addicted! But what to choose? What size, what style?

Top left and bottom left both by Filofax, top right by Tiger, bottom right by Wilko. The striped diary is by Eccolo.

I bought four - different sizes and manufacturers, all ring bound. Plus a diary, which I think probably should go in some kind of a cover.

Filofax DOMINO in A5 size with elastic closure

I've discovered very quickly that I don't like Filofax's vertical diary format - my writing is too large and scrawly. Plus I hate how thin the paper is.

Tiger - PU cover, A5 size, very cheap and cheerful, but nice pockets and great paper

 The Tiger planner has only blank pages, but I do like the pockets in the cover and I also like the thickness of the paper, so this would probably be good for journaling and all that kind of thing.

Personal size organiser by Wilko

The black organiser by Wilko is also an economy one - with nice quality paper, and rather nice fonts. Surprising, as it was a quarter of the price of the Filofax! This is Personal size, which isn't too bad for me - the A5s are a little too large for my taste.

Diary by Eccolo

The Eccolo diary is very OK, although an A5 size - so maybe it's the ring binding that's putting me off? Artwork or journaling could go right across the page.

The small Filofax is way too small for me (might be OK for appointments, to carry in a handbag) so it's already out the door, donated to a charity shop!

So far, my conclusion is that I don't like the Filofax paper, and I'm not keen on the A5 format. Now I just have to use these to see which I like the

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