Watercolour Faces, journal pages

These journal pages are a little different - I've painted just half a face! 

Sometimes, half a face is easier - or more interesting - than a whole face, especially in a confined space (eg: ATC, small tag). It's also a good pick if you have a photo or collage image - cut in half and position on opposite sides for a double page spread.
In each case, I've painted in watercolour onto fairly absorbent paper - without drawing a pencil line first. I used a very watery skintone to sketch in the general shape, then gone in and definted the features etc. This has given a really soft & dreamy effect.

I've used stamps for the lace effect, and the quotes are AlteNew stamps. The flowers are also stamps, roughly watercoloured, then even more roughly cut out and hacked into to create petals.I've torn the bottom of the pieces to follow that lace effect.

(My style has changed a lot, so although I blogged this earlier on my old blog, but as they're more recent, I felt they fit this new blog as well.)