Personalising Planner Divider Pages

Here are more of the planner divider pages, which I've personalised. I've added pockets, tags etc - it's amazing what a difference it makes!

I made a video showing how to make two of the pockets (this is my first one for ages, so please make allowances).

Sorry about the occasional background noise - although some distance away, we're under the Heathrow flightpath, so there is some muted plane noise, as the windows were open.

Month by month... 

January - lace edge (see how to do this in my previous post)

February - 2 cut pockets, layered one on top of the other

March - a curved secretarial pocket with ribbon, distressing hand-drawn scribble edge & crosses

April - library pocket and little journal tags (American Crafts I think)

May - curved secretarial pocket, Washi tape flags & buttons, hand-drawn scribble lines & crosses

June - calendar page as a tag holder on top of a library pocket. Tags inserted.

 July - top layer lifts up to show a pocket underneath

 July - tag pocket with brads at the corner

 August - 2 curved secretarial pockets, Washi tape accents, a paper clip with bow (I made)

September - pocket & metallic paper clip

October - tall pocket with paper flower & quote (WRMK)

November - library pocket with Journal tags (American Crafts?)

December - diagonally cut pocket edged with Washi tape, decoupaged branch and a touch of glitter

I've really enjoyed doing this - great fun, not difficult, and a great place to stash all sorts of bits & pieces.