Fauxdori - Traveller's Notebook inserts, using paste papers & painted papers

Here are the latest Travellers's Notebook inserts I've made, all with my own paste papers and printed papers.

This one is painted, layered with giant foam stamps in swirls, squares & leaf shapes
Paste paper variatiation using acrylics & gel medium, combed through
 Metal file tabs on the front can have labels (or not...)

Traditional paste paper

Traditional paste paper - linen Under Construction tape
I've used acrylics (always best for this) so the covers are wipeable in case of accidents (coffee, sticky fingers, melted chocolate etc).

All of them have stitched papers (looks so much nicer than staples).

Hand-stitched double pocket

Double secretarial pocket

Single secretarial pocket (paste paper layered to black card to make it stand out more)

Punched pocket with matching paper clip 

All have pockets inside the covers. Always useful (receipts, pretty stickers etc.

I've kept these pretty plain as they might also appeal to men - but can always be personalised with stickers etc. 

I can't believe how long it's been since my last post - I'm thoroughly ashamed of myself, but in my own defense all I can say is, Life Happens. Which included 4 funerals since September (including my best friend), several hospital visits (eye op set for January) and a computer crash.