Fauxdori - handpainted Traveller's Notebook refill

The front

First of all, I have to apologise for not posting for so long - due to another funeral (my husband's close friend of 23 years) and yet another eye operation (the 6th on my tearduct). So I haven't felt very much like doing anything! So here's a Traveller's Notebook refill I made earlier...

The back

I've used acrylics, rice paper, my own hand-drawn and hand-painted girls, and added decoupaged butterflies, flowers etc. And real lace down the edges.

I've used a simple 3-hole pamphlet stitch (you'll find tutorials online - my own video tutorial for Colouricious is here).

Pockets inside front cover

Inside back cover

I also added pockets etc inside the covers, and doodled round the edges.

One thing to remember - using acrylic paints and gel mediums means the covers are waterproof and pretty indestructible when you're carrying the TNs around in a bag or pocket. If using watercolours, you need to add some kind of protective surface, whether a wax or a spray - or even clear sticky-back plastic! Otherwise, all your hard work may not last very long.

Hope you like them!