I'm on the Imagination Crafts Design Team!

I'm pretty thrilled - I've been accepted for the Imagination Crafts Design Team!

I've always loved their rice papers and stencils, and now I get to show off what I make on the telly box! Yippee!

Here are my Kindle covers, both using Imagination Crafts rice papers.


This one uses the paper direct onto the Kindle cover, using Fabric Decoupage glue:

The front
The back
As you can see, the paper is so flexible it goes right into the fold, and at the time of writing I've been using this Kindle constantly (virtually on a daily basis) for over a year, with no tearing etc.

From the side, showing how nicely the rice paper folds in the creases


This next one is on a calico base, prepped with gesso, decoupaged rice paper, painted with acrylics, lace added etc.I glued the fabric to the tablet cover using Magibond fabric glue (extra extra strong):

The front

The back

Inside - the elastics to hold the tablet are on the opposite side (you can just see one)

I'm on the DT for a whole 12 months, so can't wait to play with all the new products!