CAKE LACE - silicon moulds with Imagination Crafts Structure Paste

Having done a comparison of several products in my last post, I decided to try Imagination Crafts Structure Paste with my cake lace mould - I'm hooked on the product (and also these moulds).

EDIT: Imagination Crafts Structure Paste is now known as Cadence Structure Paste.

If you look at my previous post, you'll see I was experimenting with cake lace moulds and some mixed media products (two worked, two didn't). Here's the results using Structure Paste.

I was a bit nervous of the piece on the right, as I'd forgotten to dust my mould first (use cornflour or baby powder, then brush off the excess) as this helps to release the paste from the mould (or turn the mould upside down and tap on the back).

So the piece  on the left was made on the powdered section - and as you can see, both pieces released beautifully.

And again, as you can see, this is beautifully flexible.

Here's a closeup of the lace in use - beautifully detailed, holds its shape, and it's just so pretty! Colour it with inks, waxes, acrylic paints, whatever you like. To glue it down, use something that dries clear (Imagination Crafts Transparent Relief Paste, gel medium, Tom Holtz Glossy Accents etc).

Imagination Crafts Structure Paste is very similar in handle to the Viva Artline Modellier-Paste, and more substantial than the Stamperia MixedMediaArt Cream Paste (which feels more 'papery' when dry) and holds all the detail you could wish for!

See my previous post for the full experiment and comparison details of those other products.
And here's my post showing how I made the Paris Makeup Canvas!


  1. Really like this idea, and it looks lovely too. I'm going to try this to make a lace effect on my mixed media canvas. Thanks for the great idea.


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