PAINTBOX & BRUSHES - for Imagination Crafts

Today, my DT sample for Imagination Crafts is a paintbox and brushes!
This paintbox was just plain wood and very boring. I gave it a quick coat of gesso inside and out, then painted over with Shabby Chic paste in Ashy Rose, diluted with water to make a chalk paint. Once dry, I decoupaged my rice papers (roses, postcard text and butterflies) using Decoupage Plus in Satin finish. I used some of the texture background paper around the base.

Being fiendishly clever, I glued the papers right over the join, allowed them to dry completely and then cut apart carefully along the seam using a craft knife, separating the lid from the base so it could open easily. You do need to be a little bit careful around the hinges.
Next, I used an ordinary emery board (as for your nails) to gently file round the edges to make a smooth finish.
Inside, I used torn strips of the textured background rice paper. The next step was to gesso the handles of the paint brushes. Next, I used a damp paintbrush to create strips from the textured background rice paper and glued these with Decoupage Plus.

The easiest way to do this is to paint a generous amount of the glue onto the paintbrush handle, and a a second coat onto the strip. Then, with the strip laid glue side up and horizontal, place the brush on top (handle only, not the bristles, lol) and roll it, just like rolling pastry. Finally, follow the contour of the handle with your glue brush and a finger, smoothing out any wrinkles. When dry, apply a second coat of the glue to act as a protection.
Especially if giving a set as a present, this elevates the brushes into something rather special, even if they weren't expensive to start with. This method also works beautifully with coloured pencils, crayons etc (although if you're doing this with wax crayons, decoupage over the paper wrapper, not directly onto the wax as it will stick better).
Finishing touches
Some vintage people on the sides (from the rice paper) and a few little details added with the texture stamps for extra interest. I also stencilled the word Imagine on the top, back and front of the box using gesso, then overpainted the letters with Starlights paint in Cream to add a little lustre.

The clasp closing is recyled from an old cigar box, which I stuck with superglue, then poked holes where the screw holes are, added another drop in each hole with the superglue and pushed in tiny brads.
I also added a little drop shadow under the rose, leaves, butterflies, to give more 'pop' using very very diluted black gesso.

All materials from Imagination Crafts!


  1. This is fabulous and so pretty😍, now I want to do my paintbrushes😊


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