Easy Peasy Glue Gun Stand

Don't know about you, but I've had a few glue guns in my time. And they always fall over.The only one that didn't fall over was too heavy for me! So here's a really easy solution...
I've upcycled one of those paper pad holders you keep by the phone. This one is wood, and was heavily lacquered, so I gave it a light sanding then painted with 2 coats of chalk paint.
 Next step, I cut two pieces of that thick oven liner you can buy pretty much anywhere - mine was from Aldi supermarket.
I cut so the liner the width of the inside of the base - and twice the height (so I could crease it and it would stand up, protecting the back of the stand from stray glue).
The open notch at the front cradles the glue gun and stops it tipping sideways. Yes, it's got a wire stand - but if you knock the gun, don't set it down absolutely flat, or the wire is slightly kinked... over it goes! This way, it can't fall anywhere. And there's something to catch any stray drips.

To clean, all I have to do is lift out the oven liner, and pick the bits off! (I cut two, so it saves me having to do it again if I need another one for any reason.)
The decoration - bits and pieces of leftovers of rice paper (Imagination Crafts), and a little decoupage glue.
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This is my current glue gun, which has a very nice handle, not stuff, doesn't drip, two heat settings etc. It takes the extra long sticks.

I don't recommend the mini ones, you go through glue sticks like water, and the glue doesn't hold well. I've also tried cordless (not keen) and one with a big stand at the bottom - too heavy. You have to try a few until you can find one that suits you, and best recommendation is to go to a big DIY store where they have a lot of choice, and pick one up, feel the weight etc.