Quick and Easy Heat Gun Stand

I made my mind up to take my storage in hand - I'm so tired of everything being all over the place. I started with the glue gun stand in the previous post, and decided my next step was my heat gun storage problem.

I don't use it constantly, but having my heat gun and glue gun both in a drawer, mixed in with double sided tape, pop dots, washi tape, scissors etc, just is not an ideal solution.
What I needed was something solid, heat proof, unlikely to tip over - and somewhere to rest the heat gun whilst it's in use. So I found this old wood kitchen utensil holder in a charity shop and painted it with pale grey chalk paint. I also bought a bag of glass nuggets to throw in the bottom (glass being non-conductive, so safe for a hot nozzle to rest against). This also helped to stabilise things.
Next, I dug out all my 'bits' of rice papers, a combination of Imagination Crafts papers plus some Stamperia, and tore out small details.
I glued these on randomly using decoupage glue, both directly onto the utensil holder, and again over the top of the images to make sure they weren't coming off any time soon, lol.
However, once I'd finished, I could see I'd gone to far over the top and it was waaaaay too fussy for me - a few little accents would have been fine, but to me this looked a confused mess. I don't always get it right!
So...what to do? The answer was a generous coat of crackle glaze, followed by a watered down (50:50 paint and water) white chalk paint right over the whole lot.
Now I like it! It's over to the side of my desk, the utensil holder is screwed to the wall so it's not going to fall off the table top, and I put in a hook above it to hold the electric cord out of the way.
The heat gun sits very nicely in the tiny space under a shelf, and is out of the way, near a power point, and easy to get at - and to use. So happy endings all round!