New Year, new upcycled paint rack

I'm still moving all my craft stuff around, trying to make room in a very small space. This year, my New Year's Resolution is... if it's on show, make it attractive to look at! So with that in mind, here's my latest upcycle project, spice rack to paint holder.

I used Americana Decor chalk paint in Yesteryear (a very pleasant, very neutral pale grey) as a base coat, covering everything.


Here it is before - no good as a spice rack as the tops don't fit the bottles tightly, so I can see why whoever owned it, got rid of it (I got it in my local charity shop for £2). To prep it, I gave it a good clean and then a light sanding to make sure the paint would adhere nicely.


I painted the front and back panels, then glued some leftover rice paper scraps (Imagination Crafts) using their Decoupage Plus glue, first on the rack, then on top of the paper as well.

I used Dorlands Wax (clear wax) as a top coat, rubbing in with a cloth, letting it absorb for 10 minutes, then buffed off the excess. This makes it hard wearing and I even have a chance of wiping spilt paint off!

Yes, I went around the knobs. Yes, I painted the inside as well (why not?) This is where I'm keeping spare blades for my paper cutters (I'm always losing them).


As you can see, my Imagination Crafts Starlights paints fit like they were made to measure. I'm just wondering what the chances are of my ever finding another identical one?

This sits nicely on my other paint rack, right where I can see it. (The Llama mug with some of my tools in is from Asda. Love its expression!)

Hope you like it!


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