A Rose is a Rose - lettering video tutorial and journal flip-through

Here's how I draw very elaborate capital letters, adding shadow and dimension.
There's a bit of a story here... I made this a couple of years ago (four separate little videos because the camera kept running out of battery) and saved it to my external hard drive. Which I accidently knocked off my desk, and it smashed. I lost everything. Anyway, I had some backup CDs - and while looking for something totally different (a Word document) I found I'd actually backed these as well! So here you are: finally, the completed video.

I've based this on an Olde English alphabet from the Middle Ages, and I used to draw this a lot when I was a teenager. Totally forgot about it, then remembered it again when I got into journaling. Needless to say, I haven't found the exact same one since, so this is my best recollection.
Here are a few links for the closest alphabets I've managed to find:
The one above is available from Karens Whimsy as a digital download, so would be excellent to practice with.

You'll notice my 'G' is completely different - whether it's my fuzzy memory, or I changed it myself because I didn't like the ones on offer because they look too much like a 'C', we'll never know. It was a long time ago - and I've never found that exact alphabet since.

My video isn't calligraphy - I'm not a calligrapher and would never claim to be - but it is a way to add some fun decorative details to your journals and planners. And hopefully makes sense of where to add shadows.

My best advice is to go slowly, and draw the letters, enjoy the process - and make some beautiful curves and swooshes.