I can't believe I wrote this post back in 2011! It's still relevant today, so here it is for any newbies.

Packing tape transfer - copyright Susie Jefferson

This won't work with inkjet transfers: it needs a permanent ink such as laser prints, newsprint, photocopies etc, as it's the toner that makes the magic.
  • Choose your piece of artwork and lay transparent tape over it (the wide clear packing tape) and burnish it down well. Cut off any excess.
  • Soak in a bowl of cool to warm water for a minute, then rub gently on the back of the image with pad of your finger (not the nail, or you'll scratch the image).
  • All the paper 'nibs' will rub away, leaving the image on the back of the tape!
  • If there's a lot of white bordering text or pictures, remove as much as you can before adding the tape on top. It won't transfer, and you'll make a lot of work for yourself, as you'll end up rubbing it all off.

  • Let the tape dry - if there's a whitish 'bloom' showing, this means there's still more excess paper left on the back of the tape. Soak again and have another go. Unless you want that effect of course (it's more Shabby Chic...) as my example above.

  • If the tape won't stick to your page, use gel medium, Glossy Accents or Diamond Glaze to adhere it.

  • The excess paper could block your sink, so dispose down the loo or an outside drain.

  • Have fun with this - images look great in journals etc!

  • If you want a matt finish, go over the top of the tape with matte medium (a very thin coat).