REPRISE - cake lace using modelling paste etc

I noticed there's a massive surge of interest in cake lace and moulds. I did a few comparisons on several different types, so here's the verdict on what to use and what NOT to use!

Closeup of the cake lace - I used structure paste here

As you can see from this finished piece (which I created while part of the Imagination Crafts DT), this cake lace is absolutely wonderful - flexible, dimensional, and really adds character to a piece.

The cake lace doesn't have a high profile as the moulds are quite shallow
You can definitely see the dimension
Here are all the experiments 

I tested products by Viva, Stamperia and Cadence (the structure paste was originally released under the Imagination Crafts label).

I've written the name of the product above each piece, with a critique of the results further down.

Closeups of each one

The Results

These released from the mould beautfully
See how beautifully flexible this is!

To apply, use a palette knife and add a thin layer. You can even see the mould through parts of the paste I applied - it still released nicely, and held together for all the pastes I tested, with the exception of Viva Kreativ-Creme and Viva Relief Papierpaste, which really aren't made for this type of application.

Viva Modellier Paste, Stamperia Creme Paste and Cadence Structure Paste were a total success! The lifted out of the moulds cleanly and with hardly any cleanup needed. I just use a piece of sellotape on the bits around the edges!

You can also use gel medium.

To completely clean the moulds, just use a little dishwashing liquid and warm water, then rinse in cool and allow to dry naturally, or pat dry with a towel.

Here are my two original posts about this: Stamperia and Viva and Structure Paste.


  1. Gosh, you really went to town on these, Susie. Well done you.
    Interesting comparisons. It does look very pretty and goes so well with what you make. Very elegant and ornate.
    Thanks for sharing your post.
    Stay safe!
    Cath x

    1. Thanks so much, Cath! Glad you've found it helpful, and also that you like the finished piece. 💖


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