Journal using Just Lou 'Aviator' range by StudioLight

 Here's a little journal I've made (from start to finish) with the Aviator collection by Just Lou for StudioLight. 

The cover is from a sheet of faux leather in silver, stencilled with acrylics.
All the pages are stencilled, using sprays and acrylic paints, layer upon layer, with the black details added at the end using Archival ink.
The first page was glued to the back of the cover (faux leather has a slightly fuzzy, knit effect which I didn't like for this project). I used fabric glue.
I decorated all the other papers on both sides, then die cut after they were dry.
I really like the randomness of it.
I used a simple 3-hole pamphlet stitch to put the whole journal together (tons of tutorials on youtube, just google).
I used all of the stencils from the collection.

And finally, the back cover.
Great fun to make! I hope you like it.