MAPS - junk journal with a travel theme

I'd forgotten about this one! I made it a couple of years ago, then reworked some pages I didn't like - and never got around to doing a post! So here you are.

The cover is a heavyweight scrapbook paper, wider than the journal (A5, finished size 15cm x 21cm). I used the full width of the paper, and scored it to fold back over the front edge.
Above is the inner front cover, with a pocket and a miniature book, perfect for more journaling.

Next step was make a pen loop, folding a strip of paper over the pen and scoring - then glued the rest together with about 1.5cm to the front edge. I left the pen inside to make sure the loop stayed nicely rounded. 

This then tucks under a paper loop on the other side of the front cover, with the pen inserted to hold it closed.
The middle section, with pockets on each side.
The other side of the middle section, with two pockets.
The inside back cover, with more pockets!
The tags and a miniature booklet (2nd left at the bottom). Some tags have several layers, and all of them are perfect journaling spots.
A typical inner page, with dictionary text, vintage sheet music and Ready Reckoner pages. I've also put in some plain white pages for even more journaling.

I really enjoyed making this one!


  1. wHAT a fabulous junk journal, loved every paged you showed and the cover is clever. xox

    1. So glad you like it! And thank you for leaving a comment 💖


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