I've been watching a tutorial on YouTube, and just had to make my own printer cover with paper tray.

All you need is foamcore board, decorative paper and double-sided tape (or adhesive of your choice). Mine is covering my Epson Eco-tank printer.

Paper tray empty

I've made mine with less depth, to leave the paper hopper exposed, and when I need to use the scanner, I can just lift the whole thing out of the way.

With A4 paper in the tray

This brilliant idea is by the Posh Paper Lady on youtube, who has an excellent tutorial.

A great solution, it was really easy to make as well. And it looks pretty!


  1. Very nice result, looks like you get an extra surface with it, always valuable real estate. Stay well! xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Aimeslee! Yes, it's really helped having extra surface as well as protecting the printer top from paint etc. Later, I might make it from MDF (even stronger)!


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