More Life Drawing

 All of these are on pastel paper, again using the same models. Once again, skip this if you find nudity offensive. All the sketches were done live, from a model, in an art class.


These two are Ken again, who featured in the last post (late 60s). Very quick gesture sketches, I think these were done in 5 minutes to 15 minutes, all the time we were allowed. Moving on...

On brown wrapping paper with chalks

Charcoal and sepia pastel on brown wrapping paper - the left pose was just 5 minutes


Again, I don't remember the name of this model (in all the pix below). He seemed to resent being there, and just glared at everyone. So it put us off - a lot. If the model is uncomfortable, then so is everyone else (there were 15 of us in the class, a mix of men and women).

Blue crayon, red crayon, black pastel paper

More brown wrapping paper, red and brown crayons


Not everything you do is going to be a wild success! So I thought I'd own up to the bad ones as well. I really had a hard time with this pose.

Oh, this one was awkward! I hated the result. 

Second try, using one of my painted background papers - slightly better but no cigar!


I was a lot more pleased with these two (and I think it shows). It's always good to see your bad drawings as well as your good ones, so you can see how much you've improved.

Graphite on charcoal grey pastel paper

Black crayon on dark red pastel paper

Have to say I really enjoyed the entire course, and I feel I learnt a lot. However, portraiture isn't really my 'thing', so I doubt I'd do it again (plus the travel was horrendous, carrying all the equipment, two buses each way). 

But it's all a learning experience!


  1. All quite fascinating! I've always been curious about what motivates people to do nude modeling for artists. Even if I looked perfect, and wasn't bothered by people staring at me, I don't think I could be still that long, lol. xoxo

    1. Again, thanks for leaving a comment. No idea what motivates people to do the modelling, apart from it probably paying well. And trying to keep still for an hour etc... I couldn't do it!


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